How does one join the Grotto?
When vacancies arise (which is rare), how do we find new Grottoites? Well, there’s no set procedure–no application forms, no waiting list. The lack of a formalized process helps us meet the challenges posed by each particular vacancy. Sometimes it makes sense to add a poet to the mix, sometimes a financial reporter.
We’re not an elite. Our primary criterion is not achievement or recognition but professionalism, in the sense of focused application: we all draw on the energy of being surrounded by others who are working, and working hard, at a perpetually difficult craft.
When we have an office to fill, we try to reach an internal consensus. Then we extend an invitation.
If the Grotto intrigues you, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter and attend some of our public events. Often, we get to know people when they temporarily sublet one of our offices (we encourage subletting, as occupied offices support the communal vibe). It’s also possible to start a Grotto of your own. In fact, Ethan Watters, one of our founders, has written a step-by-step guide.