What’s it like to work at the Grotto?
The Grotto is a workplace for published writers who work full-time at their writing. Some writers at the Grotto have their own offices, and some work in common areas. We also have a Fellowship program which provides a working space for writers who are on the verge of getting major works published.
But the bottom line is that everyone gets to choose their level of interaction, which usually varies from day to day. We respect isolation and focus, but we also offer each other a degree of sociability when it’s time to emerge. Lunches are usually a communal occasion, and we often invite visiting writers, editors, filmmakers or other luminaries to join us. We have a small but growing library. Some Grottoites use the conference room to hold writing seminars and classes. Our walls are an exhibition space for local artists. At least two or three times a year, we find an excuse to throw a party.
On a day-to-day basis, we’re about as loosely organized as possible. Everyone has a chore that they’re responsible for carrying out, such as doing the recycling or updating this website. Some of us also contribute to committees formed for various purposes, such as planning events or maintaining the library. Financial matters are managed for maximum simplicity, since none of us are bookkeepers (or want to become one). Rent is collected once a year in the form of four post-dated checks, one for each upcoming quarter.