642 Things to Write About with Heather Donahue, 10/2 – 10/23

Heather Donahue

Instructor: Heather Donahue
Contact: feathernorth@gmail.com
Number of sessions: 4
Meeting time: Tuesday nights, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Dates: October 2 – 23

Course fee: $250 for the session. $100 deposit required to register.

To register, contact the instructor. All deposits are nonrefundable.

Description: The Grotto wrote a book. In one day. This should not suggest to you that there are a bunch of geniuses around here, but rather it should provide an excellent demonstration of how much creativity can be harnessed in a short amount of time. That’s what we’ll be doing in this class. Using 642 Things to Write About as our textbook, we’ll be blowing each other’s minds with how creative we are when we have a strong focus and get out of our own way. A few Grottoites kicked off the recent 826 Valencia Write-a-Thon with the prompts in this book and the results were nothing short of stupefying.

This class is perfect for people who want to kindle their creativity, remove blocks, and/or become kind of impressed with themselves. It’s also good for those who are tired of hearing, “I don’t have time to write” echo around in their heads. I will show you how to make time, which should defy the laws of physics but doesn’t.

Instructor Bio: Heather Donahue’s first story, about spider plant babies being severed from their mothers was an elementary school award winner. Still, she got a little bit sidetracked by acting, and after getting a BFA in Theater at the University of the Arts she appeared in the Steven Spielberg miniseries Taken, The Blair Witch Project, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and other things. Her first adult writing prize, as the winner of the Bust Magazine/Good Vibrations erotica contest, was definitely adult. In addition to Bust, her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, the Orange Coast Review and the interdisciplinary art show Men Without Names which is currently traveling through LA, Berlin, and elsewhere. She has participated in the Squaw Valley Community of Writers and studied with Jim Krusoe in Santa Monica. Her memoir, Growgirl, will be published by Gotham/Penguin on January 5, 2012. There’s more at www.heatherdonahue.com.