The Dark Art of Pitching with Jon Mooallem (10/17 – 10/24)

   Instructor: Jon Mooallem


   Number of sessions: 2

   Meeting time: Wednesday nights, 7-9 pm

   Dates: Oct 17 and 24

   Course fee: $150. $75 deposit required at time of registration.

                                                                       Class limit: 15

To register, contact the instructor. Deposits are non-refundable.


Description: A pitch can feel like a necessary evil — the grubbing note you must dash off to a magazine editor if you want to sell an idea and get to do the real writing.  But the most accomplished freelancers understand that story pitches are their own artform. They communicate on several levels — as introductions and auditions — and succeed by placing an editor inside the story, rather than just summarizing it. In this class, we’ll dissect story pitches that have scored assignments at national magazines like The New Yorker, Outside and The New York Times Magazine. We’ll also workshop our own pitches — for journalistic magazine features, essays and memoirs — and discuss how to gauge the best editors to approach. (Students wanting to workshop a pitch should have it ready for the second class. But it’s definitely not required! A lot can be learned about the process by fine-tuning other people’s work.)


Instructor Bio: Jon Mooallem has been a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine since 2006 and is also writer-at-large for Pop Up Magazine in San Francisco. He has written for a wide range of magazines, including The New Yorker, Mother Jones, Harper’s, Wired, and the radio show This American Life. His first book will be published by Penguin Press next year.



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