Photo by Chris Hardy

The Grotto is a place.

Well, it’s been several places over the years. Back in 1993, three writers pooled their resources to rent a shared workspace in San Francisco. They found that working writers and other storytellers are more productive—and have more courage to pursue their true goals—if they work in a community, surrounded by others pursuing the same ambition. While The Grotto has grown over the years, we’ve stayed true to the goal of collectively nurturing individual voices.

At present, we occupy the entire floor of an office building in the South Park neighborhood of downtown San Francisco. Our members now number more than one hundred. Yet we’re united by our value of community—not by any school of thought, or style, or genre. Our differences rub off on each other, informally, and we grow into talents we didn’t even know we had.

If you’d like to know more about our founding and growth through the years, please read our story. For a description of our day-to-day environment, see Working Here. For information about becoming a member, please see Joining.