Working here

Working here. Grotto lunchroomMission Statement​:

The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto is a community of working writers and narrative artists who connect in physical and virtual space, pooling our talents to support each other, mentor and teach others, and engage the wider world. The Grotto fosters a literary culture that is generous in spirit and deeply inclusive, elevating writers of all backgrounds.

Vision Statement​:

The Grotto will expand the audience for meaningful storytelling—from poetry to journalism—and
amplify seldom-heard voices. Our support for daring work will embolden and inspire those within our community and beyond.

Working here:

The Grotto is a workplace for professional-level narrative artists: people whose work involves the creation of stories. These include fiction and nonfiction writers, but also filmmakers, print and radio journalists, and those who publish/produce new media. We don’t offer studio space to performing or visual artists, but we do honor them with special events and gallery exhibits on our walls.

Some members of the Grotto have their own offices. Some share an office, and some work in common areas. Everyone gets to choose their level of interaction, which usually varies from day to day. We respect isolation and focus, but we also offer each other a degree of sociability when it’s time to emerge.

Lunches are usually a communal occasion, and we often invite visiting writers, editors, agents, filmmakers or other luminaries to join us. We have a library featuring not only published books but unpublished materials, such as screenplays and book proposals. We have two conference rooms, where specialized support groups meet, and a small studio for audio production. We have a lively in-house book club. At least two or three times a year, we find an excuse to throw a party.

We also reach out to the greater creative community by offering classes. These are primarily taught by Grotto members, and no one teaches a genre they haven’t published in directly. If you take a class here in memoir it’ll be taught by a memoirist; only novelists teach the novel.

On a day-to-day basis, most people have a chore that they’re responsible for carrying out, such as doing the recycling or updating this website. Some of us also contribute to committees formed for various purposes, such as planning events or maintaining the library. But our shared focus remains the same: the support of the creative process. As we grapple with our sundry muses, we spur and cheer each other on.

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