Grotto Class Policies

Grotto Class Policies



We wonSSL Certificate‘t sell, loan or give away your registration data to anyone else, or use it for anything other than specific communications regarding the classes you plan to attend.

We won’t use it to market additional classes to you. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, please sign up for our popular monthly Grottoletter newsletter, which includes information on upcoming classes.

Cancellations and refunds

For all Grotto classes, payment in full is required upon registration. We reserve the right to cancel classes at any time, and issue either a full refund (if class is cancelled prior to the first session) or partial refund (if cancelled after sessions have begun).

You may cancel your registration at any time up to one week before the day of the first class session. To do so, send a written notice of cancellation and refund request to This must include the information necessary for us to identify your registration, such as the name, email address and other contact information you used while registering.

This notice must be sent to the stated email address by seven calendar days before the commencement of instruction. Any other communications, formal or informal, with the instructor, with representatives of the Grotto, or members of the Grotto, do not constitute formal notification.

Cancellations that meet this criteria will receive a refund, less a twenty-five dollar ($25) service charge. Because this policy is crucial to keeping our classes small and affordable, we cannot refund registrations outside of these parameters, no matter your circumstances. Please understand that this policy cannot be amended by the instructor. If you have further questions relating to payments and refunds, please contact us at

Some questions and answers

I changed my mind and don’t want to take a class. Can I get a refund?

If your formal request is made one week before class starts: yes (see above), although your request is subject to a cancellation fee of $25. If you decide to leave the class at any time thereafter, you’re not eligible for a refund, pro-rated or otherwise.

Here’s why. Because we strive to keep our classes small, the loss of a single student can make the difference as to whether or not a class is financially viable. Our teachers often choose to teach subjects not offered elsewhere, knowing that enrollment will be limited but counting on the commitment of those who do sign up. In many classes, an empty seat also means missed opportunities for other students, who wanted to take the class but couldn’t as it was full.

We encourage you to view enrolling in a Grotto class as a commitment to yourself: you’re committing to showing up and doing the work. We hope you’ll make that commitment part of your registration process.

But I’ve had a crisis that keeps me from attending!

We simply can’t issue refunds after class has begun. However, if you have an compelling need to cancel before the beginning of class but after the one-week-prior deadline for conventional cancellations, we can sometimes find a student on our waiting lists to take your place. If you have a verifiable, documented medical or family emergency during that timeframe, get in touch at (do not appeal to the teacher). Be willing to provide documentation, and understand there are no guarantees. Keep in mind this accommodation is only an option in classes with wait lists, and only within a reasonable timeframe for finding a replacement. If you’re trying to cancel a Sunday class on Saturday, you’re probably out of luck.

I’m offended by/disturbed by/unhappy with the subjects discussed in class. Can I get a refund?

No. The disciplines we teach are not inherently comfortable ones. Writers are in the business of communicating about difficult and even controversial questions, and the high professional standards of our classes reflect this reality. If you feel you have sensibilities that must be protected, read our course descriptions carefully. Contact the course instructor if you have further questions. In classes that involve discussions of student work, be aware that Grotto Classes does not control the content of the work at hand–to do so would involve censoring our students, which is counter to our values. You’re free to disengage from discussions you find objectionable, but please do so in a respectful, non-disruptive manner.


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