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Alissa Greenberg



WEDNESDAYS, July 10, 17 & 24 |

For a freelance journalist, essayist, nonfiction writer, or marketing professional, pitch letters not only generate work but also can help open doors, build new relationships, or kickstart a career. A really great pitch has power, so it’s no wonder that writing one (plus targeting it to the right publication and getting it in front of the right person) can be so challenging.

In this class, you’ll gain new insights into what editors are looking for and learn new ways to make your pitch letters as compelling as possible. Each class will include tips on sharpening your story ideas and presenting them to editors, plus time for workshopping student pitches.


Laura Fraser




SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 | This one-day workshop is designed to help you get your ideas, work, and opinions out into the world. Whether you are writing political OpEd pieces, blogs, or other persuasive pieces, this day will help you nail your expertise and express your point of view. Please come with an issue you’d like to write about.

There are spots in this class for low-income people for 50% off. Please only register as low-income if you truly can’t afford the full price; you will be taking a spot away from someone else. If you’ve spent more than $100 on dinner recently, or ride a bus from SF to Silicon Valley every day, you don’t qualify.


Laird Harrison




SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 |  Getting published is a thrill, but competition is stiff. To succeed, you have to carefully plan your career.

In this survey course, you’ll create a roadmap to your fondest literary ambitions. Do you want to make money? Get published in top magazines? Hit the bestseller list? You’ll learn to evaluate the market for your work by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, finding your competitive edge and identifying your niche. You’ll lay out each step you must take to get from where you are to where you want to be.

This course will include a concise overview of the following topics:

  • Setting goals
  • Psychological obstacles
  • Market research
  • Accounting
  • Negotiating rates
  • Pitching
  • Time management
  • Professional organizations
  • Contracts
  • Working with literary agents
  • Developing relationships with editors and publishers

This class is open to both new and mid-career writers pursuing their passion for the word.



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