Upcoming classes: Poetry

Tonya Foster




SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS, JUNE 15 & 16 AND JUNE 22 & 23 | Whether you agree with Percy Shelley that “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world,” or with George Oppen’s sense that “Poets are the legislators of the unacknowledged world,” or with Audre Lorde’s heartbreaking and prophetic observation that “Your silence won’t protect you,” this poetry workshop is for you. Try out your poetic voice. This is a workshop that will encourage and inspire your poetic vision. Over the course of these two weekends, with writing and reading exercises, workshop participants will craft and revise new poems, and closely read a range of dynamic contemporary poetry.


Susan Ito




SATURDAY, AUGUST 24 | If you’ve longed to attend a writing residency, where quiet, food and uninterrupted time are provided, you can experience a taste of indulgent focus at the Grotto’s first weekend writing retreat. Bring that unfinished story, that new chapter, those poems to our writing nooks and crannies, and enjoy the time and space to write in community with others. You’ll be well fed, supported and inspired to make solid headway with whatever writing project you’re working on.

You’ll get tips from a seasoned writer and writing retreat facilitator on how to make the most of our time together.



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