Upcoming classes: Nonfiction

Lindsey Crittenden




SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18 | At a time when the words “spiritual” and “faith” (never mind “religion”) can make us all nervous, how can we write—and read—about our beliefs and doubts without coming across as preachy, vague, or insipid? How do we describe the ineffable without sinking into abstraction? And do we embrace questions – doubts, even – without sounding wishy-washy? Just what is spiritual writing anyway?

In this one-day seminar, we’ll explore examples both contemporary and classic — from fiction writers such as Flannery O’Connor, Joy Williams, and Andre Dubus; poets Gerald Manley Hopkins and Pattiann Rogers; essayists Anne Lamott and Brian Doyle.


Anisse Gross




SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19  |  Breaking into the world of freelance writing can seem mysterious and downright impossible at the outset. How will you make enough money? If you currently have a job, how do you transition into full-time freelancing? When can you take the plunge? Where will you find clients? How will you successfully pitch to publications, especially if you don’t have a portfolio?

It took me several years of pitfalls, wrong turns, financial struggling, over-caffeinated meltdowns, and learning on the job to successfully make it as a freelance writer. In this one-day bootcamp, I will teach you the fundamentals of how to successfully begin freelancing for a variety of publications including magazines, newspapers, websites, and other forms of paid writing and editing work.



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