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WEDNESDAYS, SEPTEMBER 20—OCTOBER 25  |  Looking to get serious about writing, but not sure where to start? Have a great story to tell, and wondering what form it should take – fiction or memoir, poem or news feature? This six-week course introduces the demands and opportunities of various elements of creative writing and journalism as well as the myriad ways one genre can inform another.

We will explore fiction writing, memoir, poetry, news writing, feature writing, and personal essays. Class sessions will be led by experienced writers with extensive and varied backgrounds in professional writing.  Each week will feature discussion, focused readings, and writing exercises in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Lyzette Wanzer




SATURDAYS, NOVEMBER 11—DECEMBER 16  | Once relegated to the realm of belles lettres, the lyrical essay has become a highly popular genre in multiple disciplines, from journalism to the personal essay. Authors from Purpura and Forché to Didion and Dillard have written them. But what, exactly, is this form? Poetic essay or essayistic poem? Both – or neither? The form employs a series of images or ideas, rather than chronicle or argument, to sculpt a narrative. Often inconclusive, lyrical essays reach beyond archetypal classical frames to a meditative sense of place and displacement.

We’ll begin by identifying key components of the form, learn how to negotiate its terrain, and then get down to the business of crafting a lyric essay.



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