Joining the Grotto

Joining The Writers Grotto

Joining the Grotto, Rachels-Door

The Writers Grotto is, at its core, a home for writers and a community of writers. Our members are professional writers, meaning they publish what they write and make a living in the process. We have found it rewarding to work alongside each other in a physical space, sharing costs and creating community. We generally have lunch together, we host events and readings, and we share ideas, contacts and perspectives. Our members also form groups — for novelists, memoir writing and personal essayists for example — and many teach writing classes to students.

We have different ways for writers to be part of the Writers Grotto community. Some members have individual or shared private offices and come to the space on a near-daily basis; others come to the office less frequently, work in shared common space with individual carrels and participate in other Grotto activities.

We invite fellow professional writers to learn more about the Grotto community and to consider applying for membership.

If the Writers Grotto intrigues you, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter, in which we announce upcoming public events and other opportunities to interact with our members. If you’re getting started as a writer, we encourage you to attend our classes. If you’re progressing in your writing journey, consider applying for our Grotto Fellows program, which offers recognition and cost-free working residences to emerging writers.

If you’re an established professional writer who lives in the Bay Area and you’re interested in joining the Writers Grotto and working from our office, we encourage you to apply for membership.

We also have occasional openings for enterprise members to rent offices in the Writers Grotto. These are businesses such as literary agents, publishing houses, content producers or media organizations that want to open a small San Francisco office and locate in our community. If your organization is interested in this possibility, please contact

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