Joining the Grotto

Rachels-DoorMembership in the Grotto is by invitation only. We’re typically filled to capacity, and seek new members only when vacancies arise. How do we find new Grottoites? Well, there’s no place to request an application, and no waiting list. This is by design, since our criteria changes to meet the challenges posed by each vacancy. Sometimes it makes sense to add a poet to the mix, sometimes a financial reporter–the right person at that particular time is a variable. We consider our current balance and blend of disciplines, then extend invitations to apply to a limited number of candidates.

But while we’re selective, we’re not an elite. Most of our members have published extensively in their field, but our primary criterion is professionalism, in the sense of dedication and application. We all draw on the energy of being surrounded by others working hard at a perpetually difficult craft.

If the Grotto intrigues you, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter, in which we announce upcoming public events and other opportunities to interact with our members. If you’re getting started as a writer, we encourage you to attend our classes. If you’re progressing in your writing journey, consider applying for our Grotto Fellows program, which offers recognition and cost-free working residences to emerging writers. And while formal application is by invitation only, experienced writers and media creators can get on our radar by sending us an expression of interest.

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