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If you’d like to join our ongoing pool of candidates, you can use the application form below to tell us about yourself and your qualifications. A few things to note:

    • We’re looking for professional-level creators of quality narrative—memoirists, journalists, novelists, poets, screenwriters, playwrights, comedians, storytellers and more. Our members are narrative artists of a variety of disciplines. Though we may pay the bills with commercial side projects, our primary work is not generally advertising, marketing, press relations or related corporate content.
    • Publication history counts, but quality of work trumps quantity. We prefer to see a book or an equivalent body of work, but those with excellent writing samples and only a small number of credits, combined with demonstrated commitment to professionalism and full-time devotion to their craft, may also become members.
    • Diversity is a strong factor when considering applicants; the Grotto strives to be a community that is diverse along many dimensions—not just gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or age, but creative medium, physical ability, experience and many other things.
  • We are also a community of people who take part—who regularly spend time at the Grotto, get excited about being around other narrative artists, participate in and attend each other’s readings and events, and even start new initiatives—and who want to contribute to helping sustain a diverse, creative and supportive community of writers and storytellers of many different kinds.

Membership plans:

All members of the Grotto are members in full, paying core membership dues of $300 or $500 annually. But depending on their budget and schedule, members can also choose from three types of access to our facilities. When needs change, so can the access plan.

Open Access members can work in the Grotto’s shared workspaces, which range from open tables to individual desk carrels. The cost is included in our $500 annual dues.

Office sharers are two or more members who team up to occupy one of the Grotto’s 33 private offices, using it either concurrently or trading off workdays. If this interests you, you’d be voluntarily matched with another current Grotto member. The monthly cost varies from office to office. These folks also pay $300 in dues each year.

Office holders are full-time occupants of a Grotto office. Offices are typically a good fit for people who are on the phone a lot, or who can’t focus in a (quiet) co-working environment. The monthly cost varies from office to office. These folks also pay $300 in dues each year.

Keep in mind that, space permitting, members can change their access plans, switching between open access, office shares and full-time offices.

We attend to new applications as quickly as we can, but we’re a member-run organization and all have projects and deadlines of our own, so the process sometimes moves more slowly than we’d like. Expect to hear from us within two or three months. If you don’t, it just means we are swamped with interest and haven’t gotten to you yet—we will soon. Applicants who are not selected for membership are free to resubmit with updated credentials, but we ask that you do so no more than once a year.

Thanks. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and say hello at our public events.

Membership application

  • Please enter the full URL ("http://www...").
  • Background

  • Starting with your name and using the third person ("Jane Smyth is..."), share with us your professional background: publications, education, positions held, awards/recognition, etc. Please limit it to 1000 characters.
  • Using the first person this time ("I am..."), tell us more about yourself. 1000 characters maximum, please.
  • How did you hear about the Grotto? Have you interacted with any Grotto members in the past? If so, who and when?
  • Why would you like to be part of the Grotto community?
  • What other experience have you had with creative organizations (writing groups, retreats, networks, etc?) With co-working spaces?
  • Do you have any relevant special skills that you'd be willing to share here? (i.e., editorial, technical, event planning, etc.)
  • Access plans

  • Select any/all of the access plans you'd be interested in for now.
  • Terms of membership

    Please read the Grotto's terms of membership, located at All candidates must agree to abide by these terms during the course of their membership.
  • Uploads

  • Please upload (in PDF, TXT, DOC or DOCX format) a representative sample (preferably published) of your work. If you'd like to provide a link to an online sample instead, please do so in the text box below.
    Accepted file types: pdf, txt, doc, docx.
  • Please include full URL ("http://www...")
  • Please upload a photo suitable for membership rosters and other in-house use. 2 megabytes maximum file size, please.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.

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