Craft: Grotto Writers on Writing

We’re pleased to announce Craft, a new section on our website. In Craft, members of the Grotto use various media to discuss the art, discipline and business of writing.

GrottoPod podcast

Hosted by Larry Rosen and Bridget Quinn, the GrottoPod podcast features discussions and interviews with Grotto authors. To go to the GrottoPod homepage, click here.

How to Always Have Ideas

Take out your notebook and, as quickly as you can, make a list of ten story ideas, or ten memories that you would like to write about someday. Be wild and imaginative. After all, you don’t have to write the story now, but at some future time. Then when your mind goes blank and you run out of ideas for writing, you can pull out these lists and pick from one of your ideas. Another interesting list to make is “10 Things I Would Never Write About.” You might be surprised what comes up in that list. –Jenny Bitner

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