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The Writers Grotto is celebrating 25 years as one of the Bay Area’s leading cultural institutions. At a time when publications are closing, rents are soaring and writers’ incomes are plummeting, we offer working writers affordable space and a community of peers in San Francisco. Members have won some of the most prestigious awards in journalism, fiction, memoir, essays, poetry and filmmaking.

Your donation will support residencies for under-served writers from diverse backgrounds. It will fund fellowships for emerging writers, write-ins to draw in the wider community, and scholarships to our writing classes and lectures. It will help us reach out to writers who can benefit from our support or just need a quiet place to work.

$50 will pay for two writers to attend a Friday night write-in 

$100 will pay for a scholarship for a one-day writing class

$250 will pay for one-month residency in a private office for a proven writer facing adversity

$500 will pay for a full Grotto fellowship for a promising new writer 

$1,000 will cover the cost of an eight-week writing course for three students   

The Grotto can accept tax-deductible donations through our fiscal sponsor, Independent Arts and Media.

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