Episode 85: Mary Jo McConahay On Writing War

Mary Jo McConahay

Mary Jo McConahay

The Tango War author Mary Jo McConahay joins us in the studio one day after the release of this new book, which explores Latin America’s “hidden” role in World War II. The journalist, war correspondent, memoirist, sometime boat-dweller and confirmed world traveler chats about her rich and colorful life, her motivations and the challenges of tackling a book of historic nonfiction.

“Of course, danger is part of the job. There are so many people in so much more danger. The people from the countries where the wars are taking place are much bigger targets.”

11:21: How she started out in journalism and met the challenges and triumphs of an international career; the dangers of being a war correspondent.
27:18: Transforming an idea into The Tango War.
36:12: Researching events that happened almost a century ago.
41:20: Becoming an “accidental filmmaker.”
45:30: Feeling overwhelmed while writing The Tango War

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