Episode 88: BQ and Larry On Motivation’s Fickle Fortunes

BQ and Larry

BQ and Larry

Larry and BQ dig deep this week in an episode that checks in on both of their writing projects, probes the fickle fortunes of motivation, explores the ups and downs of networking with other writers and much more. 

“The process from book deal to book is the opposite of Dante’s Divine Comedy. You start out in parades, and you end up in Hell.”

1:40: Larry has an idea for a new podcast.
6:48: Are you comfortable telling someone, “this is the best book (movie, TV show, etc.) ever?”
11:54: What’s happening with BQ’s new book.
20:00: Larry’s latest attempt at a new book.
26:44: How do you get motivated?
41:42: BQ talks about the perils of networking.
53:20: Keeping Larry accountable while he’s in Switzerland.

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