Episode 92: Alejandro Gallegos On The Librarian’s Life

Alejandro Gallegos

Alejandro Gallegos

What’s your dream library? San Francisco Public Library Community Engagement Manager Alejandro Gallegos joins us in the studio this week to regale BQ and Larry with tales of scolding signage, boffo library programs, community engagement ambitions and visions of his “dream library,” plus a tale of synchronicity that finally names the “unnamed family” shown in library archive photos.

“Information can be threatening to many people. Here in the U.S., the library is a place where information is available to everyone.”

11:48: What libraries can mean to communities
20:00: SFPL’s “One City, One Book” — a citywide book club
24:12: How a librarian was made
30:03: How libraries have changed in the past 25 years
43:50: How SFPL has met issues of budgeting challenges and recent growth
50:35: What is the perfect library?

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