Develop Unforgettable Characters, with Maury Zeff, May 9 (via Zoom)

SUNDAY, MAY 9  |  Come to this class with a character you would like to develop, leave with a fleshed-out human being who will put your story into motion.

The characters who sear themselves into our memories are a mix of conflicting desires. Consider Walter White from the series Breaking Bad: A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer. He begins to cook meth to provide for his family, entering a secret life of crime. Characters with stark contradictions like this bring stories to life. They are fascinating and react to the events of our stories in fascinating ways.

In this workshop, we will examine several unforgettable characters from literature, television, and film. You will then focus on your own characters. Using character development exercises, you will identify the internal and external wants that collide within your character’s soul. We will then discuss ways to build your stories around these more fully-developed characters.

The goals of this class are:

  1. To deepen and develop your character in a way that will make them unforgettable to your readers and audiences.
  2. To give you the tools to develop your own fully-fleshed characters in the future.

This class is appropriate for all creative storytellers—fiction writers, playwrights, and screenwriters—especially those who are trying to know their characters better.

This class will meet on Zoom. Registered students, please contact the instructor directly for Zoom details.

Maury Zeff’s plays have been produced around the country and received two Emerging Playwright Awards and four People’s Choice Awards from PlayGround, his home theatre company. His writing has been published in American Fiction, Southern California Review, Embark, bosque, Best of PlayGround (2014 & 2017), Crab Orchard Review (upcoming), and elsewhere. He is a former San Francisco Writers Grotto Fellow, has received playwriting commissions from PlayGround and the SF Olympians Festival, and has an MFA in Fiction from the University of San Francisco. Maury is a nominee for a 2020 Pushcart Prize in fiction.


Number of sessions: 1

Date: Sunday, May 9

Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm Pacific Time

Course fee: $80

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