Funding for Writers: Grants and Fellowships (with Lyzette Wanzer)

Lyzette Wanzer



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21  |  This workshop is open to writers who are considering applications for–or wish to learn about–writing grants, fellowships, scholarships, or residencies. We’ll cover:

• The best places to locate opportunities
• The dreaded Project Statement, Work Plan, or Goals and Objectives question
• How to demonstrate a rising trajectory (remembering that most people who are awarded grants are on their way up, not already there)
• Using headings and “buckets” to make your statement navigable
• Crafting clear, concise personal or “artist” statements (leave this class with a completed first draft in hand!)
• Why the marketing angle is so important
• Creating an effective literary resume

Lyzette Wanzer, MFA, is a San Francisco author, editor, and writing workshop instructor. Her work appears in over twenty literary journals, and she is a contributor to The Chalk Circle: Intercultural Prizewinning Essays (Wyatt-MacKenzie), The Naked Truth, Essay Daily, and San Francisco University High School Journal. She is a two-time San Francisco Arts Commission, and a three-time Center for Cultural Innovation grant recipient.


Number of sessions: 1

Time: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Date: Saturday, October 21

Course fee: $125

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