How to Write a Book Proposal (with Julia Scheeres)

Julia Scheeres




SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26  | The beauty of nonfiction books is that they can frequently be sold on the basis of a 40- to 60-page proposal. What is a proposal? Essentially, it is a business plan for a book – a document that outlines your book’s basic premise, provides data indicating that there’s a sizable audience for it, and otherwise convinces a publisher to give you money to write it. Memoirs, narrative journalism, business books, histories, and biographies can all be sold on proposal.

In this seminar, students will learn the seven components of a book proposal, study examples of successful proposals, and get the lowdown on the publishing industry – including the best way to find an agent.

This seminar would be helpful for writers interested in sussing out an idea to see if it has market value and also for writers who are “stuck” and need to step back and examine their book’s structure and big ideas.

Julia Scheeres is the author of the memoir Jesus Land, which was a New York Times and London Times bestseller. Her second book, the critically acclaimed A Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Jonestown, was recently optioned by a famous actor (whose name she cannot yet disclose). She teaches narrative nonfiction through Stanford University and contributes to the New York Times Book Review.


Number of sessions: 1

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Date: Sunday, February 26

Course fee: $95

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