Imagination in Action: Secrets of Narrative Arc (with Thaisa Frank)

Thaisa Frank




SATURDAYS, APRIL 20 & 27  |  How many of us have had an exciting idea that fails to generate a story? This course explores techniques of narrative arc, and the dynamic elements of imagination that allow writers to create a story that is greater than the sum of its parts. We’ll explore narrative arc in relation to character, image, idea, and plot-driven fiction and read examples from flash, short stories and novels. Each class will be divided between lecture, discussion, and exercises. One 45-minute private conference is also included.

Thaisa Frank‘s fifth book of fiction (Enchantment, Counterpoint, 2012) was selected for Best Books by the San Francisco Chronicle. Her novel, Heidegger’s Glasses (Counterpoint 2011) was translated into ten languages. New work appears in  New Micro (Norton) and Short-Forms  (Bloomsbury). She has published a novel, short story collections, and flash fiction, and has taught creative writing at San Francisco State, U.C. Berkeley undergraduate honors, and U.C. Berkeley Extension where she is an Honored Instructor.


Number of sessions: 2

Time: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Dates: Saturdays, April 20 & 27

Course fee: $450

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Class Registration $450.00 (USD)  

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