Spiritual Journey Writing (with Carla Walter)

Carla Walter




SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JUNE 30 —JULY 1  |  Are you a spiritual seeker with questions to explore in writing? Do you want to write about a spiritual experience that has transformed or changed you? In this two-day workshop, you’ll identify, unveil, and select important steps and plateaus of your journey to write about.  We’ll explore three methods of spiritual writing:

  1. Using genres such as memoir, travel writing, essay, letter, and short story  to harness and frame the essence of spiritual matters;
  2. Identifying techniques for “documenting” spiritual experiences that are ephemeral and change over time; and,
  3. Applying craft devices such as imagery, scene, setting, theme and characters.

In class, you’ll select a method to craft, review and revise a piece of prose about a spiritual journey.  At the end of the weekend, you’ll leave with a plan to take the piece further and to use writing to elevate your spiritual journey.

The course is designed for all levels. Please bring an open mind, the willingness to honor a safe space for sharing, and your pen and notebook (or laptop).

Published author Dr. Carla Walter teaches this course. Having experienced the “call of the spirit” from a young age through dance, and having had many spiritual experiences over the course of her lifetime, she that writing spiritual journeys or spiritual experiences is a powerful but elusive endeavor. Because of that, she has developed a method to help guide individuals in crafting their stories in a safe and supportive environment. Carla has published Dance that Really Delivers with Unity Magazine, as well as numerous books and articles on dance experiences and history. She is also the founder of Dance in the Spirit, an organization dedicated to bringing sacred dance stories to light. Carla has a doctorate in Dance History and Theory from U.C. Riverside.

Contact: dancinginthespirit@icloud.com.

Number of sessions: 2

Time:  Saturday, 10:00 am -5:00 pm (with time off for lunch); Sunday, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm (with time off for lunch)

Dates: Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1

Course fee: $275

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