Episode 105: Diana Kapp on Subjects Near and Far

Diana Kapp

Journalist Diana Kapp is published widely, from San Francisco magazine to the New York Times, ESPN, and O, the Oprah Magazine. She’s taken a circuitous path to many of her stories, which have included an investigation of teen suicide clusters in Palo Alto and an exploration into the education of girls in Afghanistan. But the trail she took to her latest story—an NYT essay on her 84-year-old father’s new crush—was direct; as in, straight from the heart. It brought about a reckoning of sorts, however, when she shared it pre-publication with her subjects. She chats with Grottopod’s Susie Gerhard about the process and the poetry of newspaper and magazine writing. Kapp’s new book, Girls Who Run The World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business, comes out in October.

Episode 104: Monica Campbell on Borders, Bright Spots, and PRI’s The World

Monica Campbell

Senior editor/reporter at Public Radio International’s “The World,” Monica Campbell focuses on immigration and immigrant life in the United States. She’s reported internationally for years, including from Afghanistan and, most extensively, from Mexico and Latin America. In Mexico,she was the Committee to Protect Journalists representative (2006-2009). In this week’s episode, she talks with Laura Fraser about immigration politics in the Trump era, the bravery of local journalists in the face of drug cartels, and what she misses most about her reporting time south of the border: the rhythm of life, the storied sobremesa hours, or the time spent with friends at the table after a meal is over. “Those are the best moments, when you’re having conversation with your best friends and no one is looking at their watch.”

Episode 29: Roberto Lovato On Chasing the Truth

Roberto Lovato

Roberto Lovato

Journalist and writer Roberto Lovato has spent his life running toward — rather than away from — conflict. Through it all, he has never stopped seeking the truth and has never wavered from his belief in the spirituality of the written word. This week, the San Francisco native joins the GrottoPod to recount his journey, share his point of view and explain why he’ll never stop trying to bring levity to a complicated and often dangerous world.

Episode 27: Laura Fraser On Turning Travel Into Books

Laura Fraser

Laura Fraser

Laura Fraser is, among other things, a best-selling memoirist; an instinctive muckraking journalist; a celebrated travel writer; the founder of Shebooks, a publishing imprint dedicated to women authors; and a Grotto O.G. (Original Gangsta). This week she joins the GrottoPod to discuss her travels and travails, mentors and mentoring, and the halcyon early days of the San Francisco Writers Grotto.