Episode 48: Larry & BQ On Managing Your Writing Career

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Does it have something to do with writing? Do you want to write and publish more (or less)? Ease into the new year — and your literary resolutions — with Larry and BQ, who toss around some thoughts about how to approach writing, how to keep yourself in the flow and how to manage your writing career.

Episode 26: Larry and BQ On The Sticky Business of Writing

Why do you write? Or, rather, how do you write? This week, hosts Bridget Quinn and Larry Rosen address these issues, landing on questions of motivation, ambition and outcome as they share their respective “state-of-the-writer” stories. This episode closes with a pair of unexpected twists: we’re proposing a 500-word-a-day “GrottoPod Challenge” — and we bring you a new track from our house band, Sugartown.

Episode 20: Writers’ Retreats

To retreat or not to retreat? That is the question on this week’s special, guest-free episode of the GrottoPod. Join BQ and Larry as they engage in a spirited conversation about what makes writing retreats and conferences irresistible (BQ) or easily resistible and somewhat enigmatic (Larry) — and where writers of all kinds can go to find their community. Also, in a GrottoPod first, BQ gets bleeped.