Episode 46: Lee Kravetz’s ‘Strange Contagion’ Takes Off

This week, we travel back in time to visit with GrottoPod producer Lee Kravetz as he anticipates the release of his second book, Strange Contagion, last Juneand then return to the present as Lee recaps the mania of his past six months. He talks about endless touring and his efforts to raise awareness of social contagions and their impact. He also shares a few thoughts on finding a renewed enthusiasm about writing — and Hanukkah leather jackets. Yep, they’re a thing.

Episode 22: Lee Kravetz On Contagious Ideas

Can you “catch” a behavior like you’d catch a cold? Lee Kravetz, co-author of Supersurvivorsthinks so. This week, he joins the GrottoPod to explain how. Kravetz (also a producer of our podcast) lays it out in his new book, Strange Contagion, which is released this week. Strange Contagion explores how social contagion — communicable ideas, thoughts and actions — turned volatile in Kravetz’s home of Palo Alto, California, creating a rash of teenage suicides. He also looks at how a similar kind of contagion helped the community recover from those tragedies.