Episode 107: Traditional Publishing and the Winds of Change

Litquake panel

What does the publishing industry still have to offer writers who are breaking in? In this episode, George Higgins and Susie Gerhard take to the field to check out the Litquake panel “Tried and True: What’s so great about traditional publishing?” On a windy Sunday morning in front of Z Below in San Francisco’s Mission District, they speculate about what the title means before heading inside to interview audience members and hear from moderator Natalie Baszile, author of the novel Queen Sugar, and her publishing pro panelists Trisha Low of Small Press Distribution, indie-publishing consultant Pamela Feinsilber, and literary agents Anna Ghosh and Ted Weinstein.→ READ MORE

Episode 36: Zen And The Art Of Literary Readings

This week, Larry and BQ honor San Francisco’s biggest (and liveliest) literary festival, Litquake, by focusing this guest-free episode on literary readings: what makes them succeed (or not!), how they build community and why writers — and aspiring writers — should attend as many readings as they can. As a bonus, BQ shares her tips for readers, and Larry explains why he can’t stand “poetry voice.” You know what we’re talking about.

Episode 35: Litquake Founder Jack Boulware

On the eve of Litquake, San Francisco’s renowned literary arts festival, co-founder Jack Boulware joins the GrottoPod to talk about his life in the literary scene. Boulware is also the co-founder of the legendary comedy magazine The Nose, the author of several books, including San Francisco Bizarro, a local bon vivant and a native Montanan. Join us as Boulware weaves tales from his colorful, creative life and explains how long hours, low pay and impossible logistics add up to literary glory. Litquake kicks off Oct. 6. Click here for the full schedule.