Episode 97: Rachel Howard’s Big ‘Risk’

Rachel Howard.
Rachel Howard.

Rachel Howard was a Clovis High School flag-team member when an essay contest changed her life, putting her on a path whose latest milepost is the publication of her first novel, The Risk of Us, which will be available everywhere April 9. This week, Rachel joins The GrottoPod to talk about the inspiration for her new book, her unlikely path into the arts, how she’s helped create a writing community in the Sierra foothills and why you’re likely to hear torch songs at her book-launch party.

“I still feel that devastation is always just around the corner for writers.”

Gesture Writing: What Writers Can Learn from Artists about Capturing Life on the Page (with Rachel Howard)

Rachel Howard

Rachel Howard

Contact: rachel.howard@gmail.com

Number of sessions: 1

Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Date: Saturday, March 12

Course fee: $88

Would you like to get more life in your writing? In this practical workshop based on the hit New York Times Draft column, you’ll learn to think as visual artists do, then use your notebook to “sketch” scenes, chapters, and whole book outlines. Capturing the vibrancy of life on the page means moving your brain out of “information organizing” mode, into an intuitive way of finding subtle organic connections. Artists practice this way of working through “gesture drawing.” Many of the best writers practice this way of working through “sketching” in their notebooks–and I don’t think they could achieve the richness of their writing any other way.