Hot Off the Presses

Hot Off the Presses

Writers Grotto members are constantly turning out new work, including articles, essays, poems and other writing that gets published online or in periodicals. Here’s the latest batch of work; to receive these in your inbox each month, sign up for the Grottoletter.

July 2019:

JD Beltran muses about how we’d think differently about Lady Gaga if she were a hermaphrodite, in her Visual Art Source review of “Show Me as I Want to Be Seen” at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

In Breath, Eyes, Memory, a young girl leaves Haiti to live with her mother, who is as foreign to her as America itself.” In Jane Ciabattari‘s Lit Hub/Book Marks column,Nicole Dennis- Benn explains how Edwidge Danticat influenced her writing of her new novel Patsy.

Chris Colin went to Barbados to report on colonialism, sweat and the island’s anti-elite answer to tennis

Vanessa Hua writes about learning how to use chopsticks in ways traditional and not, for Zora Magazine.

In her new San Francisco Chronicle column  (“The Usual”), Rachel Levin writes about Tekka restaurant, a tiny time warp that treats its regulars right.

Mary Jo McConahay‘s Op-Ed “Mexico is Not the Enemy” for The Progressive is out across the country on the Tribune News Service.

What happens when authors get out of the way of their stories? Character hijackings, unexpected plot twists, and serendipity, writes Cheryl A. Ossola in Writer’s Digest.

What’s the connection between catching dragonflies and Trump’s merit-based immigration policy? Jaya Padmanabhan tells you here.

Peg Alford Pursell publishes three flash fiction stories about horses, an old cat, and animals in the higher order (that’s right: you and me) in Museum of Americana.

Get your outdoor gear from these responsible B Corps that support the environment, labor rights, and your adventurous lifestyle, detailed in Jill Robinson‘s story for Sierra magazine.

Everybody has failures. Irving Ruan writes a humorous rendition about all of his for The New Yorker.

In Joyce Carol Oates’ latest novel, a teenage girl chooses justice over family and must pay the price; Julia Scheeres reviews in the New York Times

Lavinia Spalding traveled to Spain for AFAR Magazine (in the July/August print issue) to study with the women strumming their way into the male-dominated world of flamenco guitar

For ElementalZara Stone investigates how Oat Milk conquered America.

Bonnie Tsui writes about “fallow time” — and how you’re doing something important when you’re aren’t doing anything — for The New York Times.

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