Hot Off the Presses

Hot Off the Presses

Writers Grotto members are constantly turning out new work, including articles, essays, poems and other writing that gets published online or in periodicals. Here’s the latest batch of work; to receive these in your inbox each month, sign up for the Grottoletter.

March 2020:

A man who lost his partner to suicide tries to begin a new life in Rita Chang-Eppig’s short story in the Santa Monica Review (print issue).

For Jane Ciabattari‘s s Lit Hub/Book Marks interview series, Deb Olin Unferth highlights five books popular at the Connally Penitentiary; Vanessa Hua offers five books that tell the immigrant story; and Kawai Strong Washburn suggests five great books on Hawai’i.

Chris Colin and his son rumbled through the desert with a group of men attempting to fix masculinity, for Outside magazine.

Christopher Cook assesses the presidential campaign and explains “Why Bernie Must Keep Going,” for In These Times.

A mother balances surviving and resisting a humanitarian crisis in Naihobe Gonzalez‘s short story “Notes on Blackouts,” appearing in The Offing.

Over at Tor.comKatie M. Flynn takes a look at the stories we tell ourselves about artificial intelligence in her essay, “The Uncertain Ones: Ambivalence and A.I.”

Thaisa Frank‘s story about an errant list with magical properties, appears in Necessary Fiction.

Laura Fraser writes about a ghost town she haunted as a child, in Alta Journal.

For Shelf AwarenessVanessa Hua writes about a book she hid from her parents, a book she wished she could read again for the first time, and more.

Allison Landa wrote about how  “Becoming A Mother Made Me A Better Budgeter and Writer — Here’s How” in Business Insider.

Rachel Levin offers tips on how to remain human while adhering to our new order—call it pandemiquette — for the San Francisco Chronicle

Anna Nordberg delves into the longer term emotional impact of having a premature baby, for The Washington Post.

Before flights closed down around the world, Jill Robinson wrote about the river city of Brisbane, Australia, for Alaska Airlines’ Beyond magazine.

Irving Ruan writes about some fun activities to do while stuck in relationship limbo, for The New Yorker.

Bound by the cultural norms of a Cuban family, a man struggles to process his brother’s sexuality in Jesus Francisco Sierra’s short story “The Letter” published in The Caribbean Writer.

Follow Lavinia Spalding through the labyrinthine medina of Fez, Morocco, into a personal decision about an ancient navigational tool, for Off Assignment’s “Letter to a Stranger.”

For OneZeroZara Stone explores the skyrocketing popularity of the app Houseparty, that’s soared to number one in the UK, Canada, and Australian app charts.

Bonnie Tsui wrote about the epidemic of fear and xenophobia accompanying the coronavirus, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Lyzette Wanzer‘s novella about suicide, ghosts, and clothing, Taking Liberties, appears in issue #33 of The Write Launch.

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