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event at the Grotto

In 1994 the Grotto pioneered a unique concept: a workspace for creative, self-employed people who by definition don’t need to punch a clock. Since then we’ve been a place where practitioners of the narrative arts–writers, filmmakers, radio/TV producers, new media creators and others–welcome the discipline of structure in their work lives, and enjoy the support of a community of peers. We also connect with the greater San Francisco Bay community through classes and special events.

Xandra Castleton

Xandra Castleton (Screenwriting Workshop)

Enrolled yet? Registration’s now open for our Winter 2015 classes

From January through March we’re offering more than thirty classes in a variety of genres and disciplines, all taught by professional writers with extensive experience in their subjects. Class sizes are limited, so early registration is recommended. Browse our complete course catalog in Upcoming Classes.

Julia Scheeres

Julia Scheeres (Memoir in a Nutshell)

Jenny Bitner

Jenny Bitner (Flash Fiction)

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