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event at the Grotto

In 1994 the Grotto pioneered a unique concept: a workspace for creative, self-employed people who by definition don’t need to punch a clock. For nearly two decades, we’ve been a place where practitioners of the narrative arts–writers, filmmakers, radio/TV producers, new media creators and others–welcome the discipline of structure in their work lives, and enjoy the support of a community of peers. We also connect with the greater San Francisco Bay community through classes and special events.

From Ajuan Mance's "1001 Black Men"

From Ajuan Mance’s “1001 Black Men”

New for November: an exhibit and reception

This month the Grotto’s gallery walls showcase excerpts from 1001 Black Men, an image series by Oakland artist and professor Ajuan Mance. For details on the exhibit and the opening reception on Friday, November 14 (free to the public), see Events.


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